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Diet — you must change your carb selections as your ability to metabolize carbs decreases with menopause — so go for beets, carrots, peas, quinoa, squash as your choices rather than rice, potatoes, and sweet potatoes, and have only one serving a day at dinner. You will lose muscle as you age so you must consume at least 30 grams or 4 to 5 ounces cooked four times a day to maintain your muscles, bones and to prevent diabetes.

Menopausal Mood Swings: What to Do

Even if you do not strength train the protein will maintain your muscle. And the same rules for meal timing in perimenopause apply here. See my Instagram for my post on 30 grams of protein.

Use a plant-based omega — like Pure Form Omega — it maintains hormone balance and unlike fish oil, preserves bone density. Combine this with vitamin D3. Take a formula for bone health — I made my own that contains all the nutrients for bone health called Clear Bone Protect and Repair available at Clear Medicine or online for Clear Medicine patients. Add extra B12 for brain and bone health.

University of Toronto researchers found that B12 should be well into the high end of the reference range for brain health, so I strive to get my patients levels between — I created this with my patients and girlfriends in mind.

Demystifying Menopause Fitness & Nutrition w/ Amanda Thebe – Harder to Kill Radio 239

Great news — at Clear Medicine we can help you fix this. It is never too early or too late to get yourself assessed and get a comprehensive and individualized lifestyle plan made which will help you with all the stages. I am a true believer that the sooner you get your hormones in check the easier that peri-menopause and menopause will be on your body and mind. We will work with you to ease these symptoms. Read more here and call for more information today or to make an appointment click this link.

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Is This Perimenopause or Menopause?

Give yourself the gift of a strong body and a clear mind with sustainable habits. Order today and get a thank you bonus from me! Your email address will not be published.

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Recipe Rating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Any chance you can create PDF transcripts of your podcasts? Bulletproof does this. Wish I could figure that one out!!! Helping others helps me. Hot flashes and loss of muscle tone are my two biggest complaints. Ah yes, Menopause We as females endure a plethora of changes. We bud and enter the world of womanhood when we are young and innocent. Then, we ask our bodies to make room for another life inside of it and then we ask it to shrink back as if nothing happened!

And some of us as it to do this more than once! Our breasts swell and contract as we feed our babies, but woe be it for them to sag and loose their beautiful shape. We push our bodies to take care of our growing families needs, often neglecting our own in the process. Finally, our later years come. Hormones rage again only in a different way than when we were Hot flashes abound. Our body is just talking back! We are women. We are ever changing, ever strong. Embrace it! I did. I had a hysterectomy and left oophorectomy in for an ovarian cyst but wanted to hang on to my other right , sad, little ovary.

HRT was my initial response to menopause, but I was worried about long-term effects, such as cancer and heart disease. So I opted for more natural remedies, such as herbal alternatives, joining the health club for regular workouts, and going vegetarian. I had not had a period for 21 years. My DR said I was post meno. I had to have a hysto in order to stave off ovarian cancer. The surgeon said since I was post meno I would not have any adverse effects.

Well another man wrong. I am feeling full blown meno — hot flashes galore…Most times I look like I have just taken a shower. Tried everything except hormones. Thinking of moving to Alaska. Any thoughts??? It has yet to stop; I buy no more wool clothing, but simply cotton year round. Sleeping nude has brought enormous relief- I can no longer imagine sleeping any other way, and never have to think of buying night clothes again.

You name it and I had it. Hormone therapy really helped me but stopping the therapy was just as bad. Grandchildren help a lot.

I am amazed at the male species who put women down when they go or are going through menopause. I had my last baby at 48 yrs. I had a partial hysterectomy at 56 and by my 57 yr. I definitely have those hot flashes and can not stand summertime because it seems to double the heat. Interrupted sleep patterns became a huge issue for me. Because I was so tired I became forgetful and that brought on even more stress and it was frightening. I did use some hormone therapy for a short period of time just to get over the worst of it even though I have family history of breast cancer.

I was so desperate for sleep I had to take the chance, I was becoming non functional with everyday tasks! I just put up with the occassional hot flashes. Never know if it it hot flashes or indigestion? You have it all when you hit menopause after Would like to lose some weight to see a waist again. That would be nice. One of the hardest changes was the slowing metabolism and weight gain.

My method of getting through all the symptoms has been to first, read about menopause, and what to expect. When the night sweats and hot flashes, depression etc. I did have to use an antidepressant to function at one point. I did gain some weight, but as the symptoms have decreased, I have lost it. Having friends to commiserate is a big help for me. I divorced 3 years ago and am a single mom of a 14, 12 and 8 yr old. This has made it harder to take time for myself.

Althogh mr symptoms are less than when I first entered menopause, eleven years ago, they still exist.

Menopause & Weight Loss | One Woman's Story - FabOverFifty

Doctors at the overseas military hospital I had to use refused to believe that I had any problems even though my monthly cycle had nearly become nonexistent. Returning stateside and being able to select a knowledgeable doctors, all it took was a blood test to realize I had already gone thru menopause. I fall off the program once in awhile, but then get back on.

Every individual is different, just as Jonekos states, and it requires that each individual find the regime that works best for their body. Good life advice — thanks! I was fortunate to have an older friend who told me that when menopause finally ended, I would feel better than I ever have before.

9 Real-Life Stories of People Who Lost Weight

Its hard to imagine while you suffer through the long years that you will ever feel better. It seems more like you are aging every day and are going downhill fast. But its true! Hang in there.

Your mind will clear and you can really begin enjoying life. Take care of yourself and you will even look better than ever before. Good luck and love! Started this year after 6 children and being on the pill on and off for over 40 years.